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All of us dream for a better world.

But most of us have no clue where to start.

That feeling brought us together, with the idea to use our talents, skills and passion in a common purpose, our love to the Earth and personal commitment to positively impact those around us to generate change.

We believe that truly meaningful dialogue is the only way to trigger change.

We believe LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a dialogue booster.

Simple, isn't it?  =)

Change is the only constant in life.

/ Heraclitus

Young people dialogue

We live in an era where real dialogues between people are rare. While society is facing challenges that seem almost impossible to solve, young people are the ones to inherit the world.

Some young people are more active than others in trying to do something.

We will try to investigate why, and through this we hope to create mutual understanding for all different standpoints and allow for an opportunity to let young people drive change from within themselves.

A small step for the Facilitators, a giant leap for humanity

By mobilizing the global community of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitators, we aim to involve at least 1000 young people during the next 3 months, starting with Earth Day, April 22nd.

Little story of how we came to today.



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