Earth Day!

April 22nd, 2020 - Earth Day - reached the 50th anniversary. And this year it was a special one. After months of hard work we were finally here!!!!.

We have been waiting for this day since last October, when we shaped the idea in Billund during the LSP Facilitator Community Meeting.

We worked hard on it and we created the Bricks4Change brand, which is now running the Climate Change initiative for the Earth Day.

After tons of whatsapp messages, emails and video calls we designed the workshop to enable dialogue among youngsters about this hot topic.

Groups of 6-9 kids were supposed to be together and play, seriously, with LEGO bricks. Many facilitators from around the world joined the initiative.

The largest global LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop ever.

It has been our brave statement since the very beginning… and we were perfectly on track with this objective.

We were ready. Every facilitator was ready. Our LEGO bricks were ready.


the pandemic clearly stated that it was not going to happen.

Never give up.

We had to change everything.

No more groups of kids in the same room, no more bricks touched by many hands one after the other one, no more dialogues in a close environment.

In a physical world where our personal and professional lives had moved to the online universe, also our workshop had to adapt to the new situation.

We did it, fast. And we redesigned the workshop to be COVID compliant.

A virtual 1:1 where we combined the two most important topics of the moment: Corona virus and Climate Change.

Could a LSP workshop, based on the building of a 3D LEGO model and storytelling through it, work in such a virtual setup?

We ran a few pilot sessions and it worked!

Of course, facilitators with kids, even if in a lockdown country, could run it face to face at home.

Before kick-off, I ran a pilot with Giulio. It worked very well: we had fun, I foresaw some answers, but I got positively surprised by others; Giulio rocked!

We also shot a video for the other 1000 youngsters who will go through the same workshop all over the world, that is now visible on the VLOG of this site.

Today I ran it with Emma.

Pilot sessions are useful to get lessons learned, so for me it was in the same location, same setup, but with some improvements

They were two different sessions, as different are Emma and Giulio.

Different answers, different point of views, same fun.

Emma rocked too!

Lesson learned I: passion and purpose push you beyond your limits

Lesson learned II: storytelling with LEGO bricks is easier than anything else

Lesson learned III: Earth doesn’t need us…

Selfies are always part of it!

Check in the VLOG session to listen to what is the gift that Corona virus brought to the Earth, according to Emma.

Author: Luca Bruschi

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