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A very smart friend recently shared this comment: I do only commit to things I know I can drive by myself. It will be smaller, but at least it will happen. When things get too big, they tend to slowly stop.

Hard to disagree, right?

Mobilizing people is a challenge in itself. Doing so on a volunteering project at scale is a beautiful idea, but it takes a lot of time and energy and resilience.

Many Facilitators do pro-bono activities using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY all over the world. It is a common good practice for a number of reasons. First, there are organizations that might need help but do not have a budget to pay for it. Second, it is an amazing chance to practice in domains that are not necessarily your comfort zone, where you get a lot of energy from. It is clearly a win-win, and I always recommend any new Facilitator I meet, to do so.

In my personal experience as LSP Facilitator I devote my pro-bono time to Schools and to not-for-profit Associations. I love to be engaged with kids and youngsters doing LSP cooperating with Teachers. And one main association close to my hearth since over 10 years is focusing on Road Safety and preventing road kills (that are dramatically mostly young).

The ingredients where all there. Few simple guiding principles were naturally forming. But a path often emerges in life and can only be observed with hindsight.

The broader discussion started in a small circle in Billund Global LSP Facilitator's Community meeting in October 2019, when a bunch of people came together to imagine a Young People's Global dialogue on Climate Change.

A small follow up team emerged from that round table, five people who started to push for the next move.

We decided to call for an open registration to the Facilitators around the world. That was our first MVP (minimum viable product).

The call was published on Jan 09, 2020. Deadline Jan 31st.


Young People's Global dialogue on Climate Change.

Do you want to join the largest global LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop ever? Currently we're already at 18 participating countries and counting!

Our aim is to bring young people with different opinions, beliefs and attitudes regarding Climate Change together to share their thoughts, listen to others and in the process build a better understanding of each other.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® makes such a dialogue possible, in an inclusive, fun and effective way.

If you are a LSP Facilitator certified by the Association of Master Trainers in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method and would like to participate, please reach out to me for more info.

…and save the date: 👉 22/04/20 🌏 Earth Day!


And then, we just watched it unfold.

The 1st day, we got 15 registrations. The 2nd day, we got 46 new registrations. By the end of the 2nd week, we were at 229. In just 4 weeks, 464 facilitators registered, from over 60 Countries and every continent.

It seems everybody was just waiting for a little excuse to jump into action.

Energized by this response, we realized this was just the beginning of a far greater journey. And so, one step at a time, we started to build what we needed next.

We started to work on the Workshop Script, the recruiting criteria, the GDPR implications, the Reporting strategy and methodology, the sets of tools we needed, the Branding for this project.

This is how, naturally, BRICKS4CHANGE current vision emerged.

It emerged among burst of energy, quite some time taken from our work and families to meet and talk over sundays across Europe, Asia and North America time zones, lot of sharing, debating and talking among each other, and also by seeking advice from experts in various domains.

Somehow the mix of skills and abilities in the Core Team played out incredibly well (of course if you ask us.... ). We do compensate and complement each other.

And then, a global pandemic hit the world.

As we were gaining momentum, Facilitators were recruiting youngsters to schedule their workshop to be held on and around April 22, Earth Day, the world progressively started to shut-down under the power of a virus.

Regroup - Restart - Inspire

As social interactions became forbidden, postponing the group workshop became the only option. But we also realized that there was a bridge between the Pandemic and Climate Change.

That is how we found new energy to keep the flame on, and we redesigned a workshop in a 1:1 format that allows for remote dialogue.

Now that we kick-off this new format just in time for Earth Day, we are curious to see how it will unfold.

We imagined to keep the time frame open for 3 entire months, and we believe it is doable to reach 1000 young participants.

Author: Carlo Spellucci

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