Popping the bubble

As a Parent, how many times have you asked your kids “How did it go at school?”?

As a Teacher, how many times have you asked your students “How was your weekend?”?

Probably many. How often you got the answer “Fine”.

And you “Ok…fine…but anything else?”

And them: “Well…no, just fine”

It is so frustrating to be bounced back, isn't it?!?!?! 😊

The same goes, sometimes or even often, for more complex topics, like the Climate Change.

More and more often we see people very convinced of their ideas who cannot even start a dialogue with people having different ideas.

It’s black or white.

It’s I’m right and you’re wrong.

Our kids, young adolescents or young adults, are inheriting the Earth: if they are not open and interested in having a dialogue about the future of our planet, who would?

Our kids are also the first generation born in the digital era. The vast majority of social media, which they spend quite some time in, shows them only what they want to see, based on their preferences and searches.

It’s a bubble.

The more in the bubble, the more in the black or white situation, the less they are open to dialogue.

Moreover, how could we transform our kids in change makers?

What are the triggers that would drive them to take an action and improve their lives in this planet?

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) method helps facing all these challenges.

LSP uses the power of 3D models (made of LEGO bricks), that enables the builders (participants in the workshop) to tell a story in a clear and effective way.

The workshop is designed to guide the participants in a journey where they will dive into the two top subjects of the moment: COVID pandemic and Earth Day. Not in general, but focused on their personal experiences and point of views.

I’ve run a pilot workshop with my son (11y) and it was a great experience.

You know how difficult it is to keep them focused for a long time, but we spent 1.5h together, building LEGO models and telling stories. I could predict a few answers, but I got positively surprised by some of them. Kids rock. And with LSP their creativity skyrockets and they become more talkative.

Due to the COVID pandemic we had to re-design the workshop completely. In order to cope with the lockdown which is affecting half of the World population, the new version is now an online session, where facilitator and kid meet virtually, unless they leave in the same house.

We, the Core Team, are very excited about this initiative and we really hope you feel the same.

We are looking forward to the largest global LSP workshop ever!

Author: Luca Bruschi

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