We seek for dreamers

All of us believe a better world is possible, and that feeling brought us together, to use our talent, skills and passion in a common purpose, our love to the Earth and personal commitment to positively impact those around us to generate change.

We aim to drive change by listening to those change makers around us… youth.

This is how Bricks4Change was born.

Using what we love, our bricks, we let the magic behind the method to drive the conversations, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® taps into our ability to imagine, to initiate change and improvement, and even to create something radically new, that’s why, gathering the brightest talent - young people - to understand the better and more creative way to address our challenges is how we can become influencers, to move people towards behavioral transformation in favor of Mother Earth.

Climate Change concerns us all, while living day to day the consequences of no action, but it will have the largest impact on young people who will inherit the Earth.

Change start with an individual action. The will to perform that action emerge from understanding the urge to act. Understanding comes from effective dialogue between people. That is how we drive change: we are here to understand differences, promote empathy and finding coincidences in which we all agree that some actions are needed and be of help to move people into their own purpose and will to do so.

Change comes from Dialogue

The ideal is to listen to every one, the dream was to bring the biggest share of countries worldwide to our workshop's tables to speak with their hearts and hands and find the best solutions to share… The LEGO® bricks serve as a common language that anyone can use, promotes empathy and builds effective communication and mutual understanding, so important nowadays to find resolutions; that is our powerful weapon to reunite us all, share and find together how can we be of help to deliver a better world to the next generations.

A constructive, deep and valuable dialogue would not be possible without the Facilitators. Response from the Facilitator Community was amazing, and we felt overwhelmed. As members of the Association of Master Trainers in the LSP Method we feel this mission fulfills our community, not only addresses a common purpose, but fills us all with passion and pride.

That is how Bricks4Change become alive.

Then as we continued to look ahead, we realized the space for dialogue was even larger.

What would happen if all of us, you and me and those around us, started to take an active role to play in making change happen, everyday… that became our dream, to link people's actions, activities and lifestyles to a global purpose, to influence better, to achieve higher.

There's 17th Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030 and we all individually and collectively can play an important role in how the future unfolds, with every tiny personal action that everyone, all around the world, can take on a daily basis.

So… yes, we want to be that seed of change, just like LSP, this is not just fun, but serious strategy, creativity and will to find those change builders that will move people together.

Let´s make it happen, for you, and for me and for all the future generations.


What do you brick for?

Author: Aurora Padilla

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